4Impacts Totems in the Ilac Centre

4Impacts Totems in the Ilac Centre – Christmas 2013:

As Digital Marketing assumes ever more prominence, over traditional media, 4Impacts unveiled their innovative Digital Out of Home (DOOH) platform in the ILAC Centre Wed Nov 19th with a lot of help from media buyers Kinetic. The 55” Digital Display Totem offers a unique opportunity for businesses to share their message with an average of 350,000 shoppers each week. With footfall slightly better than last year, the ILAC expect over 2 million customers in December.

Enhancing the high-definition monitors built into the totems, there is audience detection software that measures the demographic information of the people viewing the advertisements on screen.

What makes this 4Impact designed Totem unique is this Oculus I solution contained in each of the display screens that allows advertisers collate precise viewer information as 4Impacts Director of Strategy & Business Development, Oliver Kingston explains.

“Our Totems provide the advertiser with verifiable metric that allow them measure precisely their return on investment. For example, we can tell an advertiser not just how many people viewed their advertisement but also the age group and gender of those viewers as well as the length of time they spent watching the advertisement.

“This ensures that you get your message to the right people, at the right time thereby optimising sales and raising awareness”

Digital ads are a lot more interactive and engaging than traditional static out of home advertisements and that’s why 4Impacts are in the digital advertising business. 4Impacts believes that the way to advertise your campaign is on their double-sided 55” high definition monitors that shout ‘Look At Me!’.

4Impacts was founded in 2013 by CEO and international rugby star Donncha O’Callaghan and co-founder Pat O’Flynn an experienced entrepreneur. CTO Barry Guiney recently joined to focus the opportunities with digital advertising data to prove the effectiveness of this new medium.

For further information contact Oliver Kingston +353 21 451 0222 or +353 86 679 0303
e: oliverkingston@4impacts.com