4Impacts provide double-sided 55” High Definition digital display totems that can run full motion video and animation.

As well as providing the 55” display totems as a means to exhibit your advertisements visually, we also have audience detection software built into the totems that provide analytic information on your viewers, we guarantee return on investment (ROI) to all our clients, it is something we really take pride in here at 4Impacts.

Another area of 4Impacts is providing the Health Service Network (HSN) to general practitioners, hospital waiting rooms, and dental clinics, as a new way of providing important topics about health while you wait for your appointment with your local GP or dentist. The Health Service Network will be shown on 32” LCD screens with up-to-date and relevant content. The HSN screens will also have integrated audience detection software that will monitor patient’s interests, gender ratio, dwell time, and attention time.