Digital Totems

4Impacts provide double-sided 55” High Definition digital display totems that can run full motion video and animation. All of these digital totems are situated in the Ilac Shopping Centre in Dublin.

When you think of static advertisements, you often think of mundane ads that scarcely grab your attention. At 4Impacts, we believe that static advertising is gradually becoming outdated and that digital advertising, full of animations and videos, are the future. Digital ads are considerably more interactive and engaging compared with traditional advertisements, which is why we are heavily involved the digital advertising industry.

Here at 4Impacts, we argue that one of the most effective ways to advertise your company’s marketing campaign is on double-sided 55” high definition monitors that shout ‘look at me!’

In addition to the high-definition monitors built into the totems, there is also audience detection software that measures the demographic information of the people viewing the advertisements on screen.


One of our main Totems in the ILAC Centre, Dublin.

Digital out of home (DOOH) is an powerful marketing vehicle that significantly contributes to the overall effectiveness of a brands campaign. DOOH allows advertisers to connect with customers on the go by capturing their attention outdoors, close to retail locations. Advertisers have the ability to tailor their adverts for specific geographical locations by varying their advertisements for each location. DOOH also gives retailers greater flexibility by allowing them to change their content more frequently.

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