Data Analytics

Our Big Data technology will prepare Digital out of Home operators for the continuous interactions with the expected 50 billion connected devices by 2020 globally and the intrinsic big data requirements of that marketplace.

DOOH Analytics

DOOH Analytics is a location-based measurement system that provides real-time analytics for a DOOH network. Accurate measurement, through the combination of audience mobile device detection and facial and emotion detection technologies, establishes a precise audience with rich profile data.
By applying Big Data algorithms we can provide an accurate audience count and engagement metrics for each individual campaign. DOOH Analytics provides the network operators with real-time audience metrics on each screen in their network.

DOOH Mobile Engagement

DOOH Mobile Engagement extends the DOOH Analytics measurement framework by actively engaging with detected devices and synchronously presenting the user with related content to the content on the nearest DOOH screen. It motivates content sharing through social networks and reaching an audience up to 10 times of that which views the place-based media. Using Big Data Analytics techniques, 4Impacts can prove the effectiveness of DOOH and mobile for proximity-based experiences and conversions along the path to purchase.

4Impacts is developing methods to allow exploitation of these datasets. We apply Big Data clustering and classification techniques to understand general audience characteristics and specific user behaviours.

Find a document on our Data Analytics Solution and other useful information here.