4Impacts is a digital media and data analytics company focused on the opportunity in the growing markets of Digital Out of Home Advertising and related Mobile technologies.

Here at 4Impacts, we operate our own networks of both private (Point of Care Media network) and public (retail) Digital OOH media.

The Point of Care Media network reaches 100,000 patients monthly in healthcare and medical centres across Ireland and aims to become a multi-platform brand which connects patients to GP’s and medical professionals through engaging media content and trusted information and also acts as a unique platform for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies to educate the public and medical professionals. We view this as an area with significant potential and will aim to expand into this sector in 2015/2016.

The retail network includes 14 digital totems and are located in The Ilac Shopping Centre in Dublin. The shopping centre has a weekly average footfall of 350,000 and our totems or digital screens are updated every two weeks with new, interactive material.

This unique approach for a technology company will ensure that rich data provided by both environments will drive the innovation of a data analytics platform while providing best in class digital out of home media.